Flint Beastwood

Gestern nacht ist der neue Patch für Heroes of Newerth erschienen. Das Ergebnis: Ein neuer Hero, ein neues Item und dazu einige Änderungen der Balance. Wer also mehr über Flint Beastwood, den Sniper-DotA-Port, oder den kürzeren Stun der Nymphora erfahren will, clickt einfach auf "Changelog"... [img]http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-441-1281560272.jpg[/img] [clip=Changelog]Version 1.0.9 ------------- == General == - Greatly optimized client performance on all systems - Optimized various interfaces to run more efficiently (9000% more efficient!) - Fixed an issue causing F6 to re-set the position of the scoreboard - Fixed various crashes that could occur during gameplay - Fixed experience popups to off-set from gold popups, such that they do not overlap - Added a new music track to Caldavar, entitled "Encounter at the River" - Fixed in game match stats screen to display the correct XP/Min, such that it will not calculate time spent playing after reaching level 25 - Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game - Added hero selection announcements for bubbles, chipper, doctor repulsor, gauntlet, and tundra - Pre-match time for all game modes changed from 1 minute 15 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds - Fixed several interface crashes - Fixed advanced game mode filter on public game interface to correctly save values. - Fixed animations getting stuck when rewinding replays - Fixed rewinding tree deaths in replays - Fixed projectile orientations - Fixed attacking buildings and towers without sight of that building or tower - Fixed duration of deny animation glow - During modes that use alternating pick (banning draft, banning pick, etc), once a player selects their hero it will instantly switch to the other team (rather than waiting the remaining time) * Each player now has 40 seconds to select their hero, from 30 * Transition time between banning and picking is now 15 seconds, from 20 * The time after the hero picks has been reduced from 2 minutes to 45 seconds - Hero selection time in all pick reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute == Mac Bug Fixes == - Fixed a crash in OS X when a user quits by closing the HoN window - Limit AA to 4x on OS X client to avoid all white/black screens caused by higher settings == Items == New Item - Striders - New boots added to the Initiation shop - Marchers + 300 (Recipe) - 50 Movespeed. No other bonuses. - When out of combat for 6 seconds, increases movespeed by 100 over the next 2 seconds, for a total of +150 movement speed (including the base). - Bonus movespeed is removed when the owner takes damage, casts a spell, attacks, or uses an item. * Using Non-combat items such as Wards, Bottle, Mana, or Health Potions will not remove the bonus speed Blood Chalice - Now requires a Mark of the Novice (+3 int) and Crushing Claws (+3 str) instead of a Scarab, granting +3 Str/Int - Grants 150 mana for 150 health. Mana is no longer lost after a duration - If an enemy hero dies within 15 seconds and 700 AOE of the user, the user is healed for 150 as the chalice uses the enemy's spilt blood to pay the debt. - Cooldown lowered from 35s to 25s Null Stone - AOE abilities (such as witch slayer stun / pyromancer wave) no longer proc nullstone when clicking directly on a target Savage Mace - Illusions will no longer proc a ministun. They still can get the +100 damage. Stormspirit - Now only 'stuns' allies, letting them queue up abilities. Enemies it is used on can not queue up abilities or items while cycloned. == Heroes == - Updated many recommended items - Reworked how many projectile-based abilities interact with eachother * This fixes strange behavior when two skills that try to move a unit interact, such as a charging kraken getting hooked by devourer who gets tossed by pebbles Flint Beastwood - New Hellbourne Agi hero, based on DotA's Sniper - Skills: * Explosive Flare - Deals damage in an area immediately, then gives vision over that area and slows/reveals any enemies who come within the vicinity * Hollowpoint Shells - Gives a chance that an auto-attack will deal bonus damage and apply a mini-stun * Deadeye - Increases attack range * Money Shot - Channels for a brief time then fires a massive shot, dealing high damage at a long range to a single target Chronos - Damage from Curse of Ages proc from 20/40/60/80 Magic to 15/30/45/60 Physical Doctor Repulsor - Increased vision range on first skill to from 300 to 800 - Fixed an issue with sounds on the first skill where some super human players could hear high frequencies - Radius of tree killing on ult lowered from 150 to 100 - No longer disarmed while using ult Engineer - Turret is now killable, dies in 3 hits. Units can only get hit a maximum of 8 times, down from 10 Forsaken Archer - Volley range from awful/awful/decent/800 to 800 at all levels - Volley immobilize time from 1.75/2/2.25/2.5 to 1/1.5/2/2.5 - Skeletons no longer apply the DoT Gladiator - Flagellation will no longer deal double bonus damage to buildings - The visual effect on Call to Arms now matches the actual area - Damage taken from Call to Arms is now spread over 5/6/7 seconds instead of instant - Increased speed of Call to Arms from 650 to 750 Nymphora - Zeal damage from 55/90/130/160 to 50/85/120/155 - Zeal stun duration from 1/1.3/1.6/2 to 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 Rampage - Can now target and affect Magic Immune heroes with all of his abilities Slither - Poison Spray range from 1000 at all levels to 600/725/850/1000 Soulstealer - Cast time for Soul Burst increased from 1s to 1.4s Tundra - Ranged pet attack cooldown from 1.5s to 1s - Coldblooded replaced with Cold Shoulder * 300,400,500,600 Range, 40 Manacost, 12s cooldown * Last winter, Tundra had two distant relatives teach him how to charge his enemies correctly, coating them in ice on contact. The ice makes them easier to hit, increasing everyone's attack speed against that target. * On use, charges the target, dealing Tundra's Attack Damage on impact. Applies Cold Shoulder to them for 8 seconds. * Cold Shoulder Effects: Increases attackspeed against this target by 15/30/45/60 * Attackspeed will linger for 2 seconds after changing targets * The Brothers of cold send their regards... * Vindicator - Silence aura will no longer be disabled by skills like devourer's hook, Chronos' ult, Pebbles' chuck, etc [/clip]