Und noch ein Patch

Kaum berichtet man vom aktuellsten Patch schon erscheint der nächste. Auch hier gab es keine gewaltigen Balanceänderungen, aber ein paar kleine Fixes wurden immerhin vorgenommen. Einen neuen Hero sucht man natürlich vergeblich. Die genaueren Änderungen erfahrt ihr natürlich wie immer direkt hier: [clip=Changelog] Version 1.0.4 (Think of this as a minipatch) ————- General - Tournament mode updated to not allow mods to be used * Players with mods installed cannot play in tournament mode games, however they can spectate * Tournament mode games are forced invitation-only games, meaning the host must invite the other players into the match span style=”color: #aa22aa;”>* Tournament mode will still allow teams to specify who gets first ban so teams can decide between first ban/team pick - Reworked how health and mana lerps work so they are cleaner overall - You can now press tab after typing /r to rotate through a list of people who have whispered you recently - The score screen can now be toggled (default [ key) - Fixed an extremely rare case where a player could be terminated after the game ended (counting as a leave) - Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min stats to become inaccurate when game was paused - Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min to become inaccurate when a player disconnected/reconnected - Removed an unnecessary option from options menu - Gold lerping removed * a lot of ppl complained about it and more will complain about its disappearance. Wasn’t it easier to just make it an option? - Fix to a bug that allowed people to pick a hero during a banning phase or in an all-random game * to bad the pre-selection bugs in BP were not addressed. Darkwood Vale - Moved outside tier 1 neutral camps to where the outposts were - Moved outposts to where the tier 1 outside neutral camps were - Building health increased to be -20% of normal, from -25% of normal Heroes Chronos - Fixed Time Lock not applying to enemies * now up and ready for Dreamhack. Electrician - Cleansing Shock can now be cast on self via double-activate[/clip]